Interior painting in the Fall and Winter

Some people feel that you need to have all of the windows open to paint. For some people who have breathing problems or allergies to latex, this is true, and I would suggest waiting for adequate ventilation. Most people aren't bothered by paint and with all of the Low and No VOC paints, there's hardly any odor at all, and perfectly safe to use indoors with windows closed. With your furnace on and air circulating, you're paint will dry quicker than if windows are open and the outside humidity is coming in.

Decks & Porches
Should be pressure washed and restained every 2 to 3 years for optimal appearance.

This trim of wood along the edge of a roof, though often neglected, is a key element to the overall visual appeal of a home. We recommend that trim should be painted or stained at least every 5 years.

tips and

" Top quality paints are more durable, resist fading, yellowing and staining "

" For a dramatic look, try painting the ceiling three shades lighter than your wall color"

" A gallon of paint will cover about 300 square feet of wall area"

" Clean up is not the last thing you do; it’s what you do throughout your paint project"

The room seems too short: Paint one wall a cool color, leaving the rest of the walls warm. The cool wall will appear to recede, giving the illusion that the room is longer

The room is too long: Try painting a warm color on one wall of a predominately cool or neutral room. The warm wall will appear to advance, making the room seem less like a bowling alley


Porch Pick-Me-Up
If the front door of your home is like a friendly handshake, the front porch is the welcome mat. Giving the porch floor a fresh coat of paint every few years keeps the whole house looking fresh and inviting. Remember: mid-tone colors usually work best (too light will show dirt and too dark will look gloomy); and use extra durable porch paint, which comes in a wide variety of shades or can be custom tinted.